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what we do

A full service gun shop since 1997. Trusted by avid shooters.


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What Clients Say

The most excellent gun shop. I found the full range of Gat guns & gear. I bought a superior handgun at a good price, and it’s been an enjoyable experience. Strongly recommend these guys to everyone!

John Lewis

John Lewis

Client, Chicago

Very impressed with the variety of products in stock. A great company to purchase difficult-to-find firearms and ammunition. Huge thanks to the professional staff for the good service. Highly recommended.

Robert Lee

Robert Lee

Client, LA

The best selection with the best prices. Thanks for the service! Guys are knowledgeable, and easily helped with the right choice! I armed myself with a pistol, and I feel safe. I will continue to shop here.

Henry Jones

Henry Jones

Client, NY

Recommend this gun shop for its full range of weapons, tactical military clothing, competent service, and branded products for a reasonable price. Easy to deal with. I was extremely pleased with my purchases.

Alex Brown

Alex Brown

Client, Miami

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